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Wroth Silver Ceremony items

All available at the Breakfast

Wroth Silver Today £6.00 (£7.50 inc postage)

The book of the ceremony giving the history, background and a detailed description of the ceremony and breakfast. Includes a reprint of R T Simpsons book published in 1927. And a historical perspective by Doc Rowe. Third edition published in 2023 with many updates First Published 1994 (A5 size 44 pp with photos)

Churchwarden Pipes £6.00 (not posted! - personal callers by appointment)

Churchwarden pipes, just the same as provided for everyone and included in the breakfast price. Extras available at the breakfast.

Please send cheque with order to:

D Eadon, 162 Hillmorton Road, Rugby. CV22 5AL (Please make cheques out to "D J Eadon & W Waddilove")

Please note we are ONLY able to receive orders by post and payments in Sterling (GBP) and post to UK addresses